Checklist for purchasing men shirt for your brand and your shop

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Before the new season is coming, you’re going to see some great deals to purchase some new men’s shirt collection for your brand for your shop.

Please see the below checklist: how to purchase men shirts for your brand and your shop

Step 1: Selectmen shirt fitting

  • Fitting is everything
    Regular fit — Find the comfort zone. This traditional style features a generous fit through the chest & waist, with standard armholes & fuller sleeves.
    Slim fit — For that smart tailored look, a straight, close-cut throughout the chest & waist—with tapered sleeves & slightly higher armholes—is the way to go.

Step 2: Identify men shirt design

  • Select a fabric:
    Oxford — a simple, sturdy weave with light bumps in its surface
    Pinpoint or royal oxford — a smoother, lighter oxford (more expensive)
    Poplin — a smooth surface with a light, loose weave
    Herringbone — a textured weave with distinct “V” shapes
    Broadcloth — a smooth, tight, high-quality weave (often expensive)
    Seersucker — light, bumpy, summer-weight cloth (casual)

There are many more dress shirt fabrics available, but these are the most common. Feel free to explore other options — these are a good starting place.

  • Select a collar style
    Button-down — sturdy but casual; not appropriate for the business formality
    Classic — the basic turndown shirt collar

Cutaway — the points more than 90 degrees
Spread — a wider-spread point collar, with the points more than 90 degrees apart
Club — an uncommon style of rounded collar, rather than pointed
Mandarin — a stiff collar that does not turn down
Pina point collar held closed by a separate metal pin; only worn with ties
Tab — a point collar held closed with tabs under the collar; only worn with ties.

  • Select a cuff style
    Single barrel — the most typical style, with a plain, buttoning cuff
    Double French — A doubled-over style sealed with cufflinks rather than a button
    Double barrel — An uncommon doubled-over style with built-in buttons
    Single French — Single cuff sealed with cufflinks; rare outside of formal (tuxedo) shirts

  • Select a color/pattern
    o Plain white — the highest standard of business formality
    o White with light stripes/check — typical business formality
    o Light-colored solids — relaxed business wear
    o Bright solids or vivid patterns — casual/social wear only
  • Select a monogram if desired/offered
    Monograms are embroidered initials, traditionally found discreetly under the beltline but now often found on the shirt cuff. Some guys love them, some think they’re a bit too much.

Step 3: How to sell your shirts

  • Wholesalers (buy shirts in bulk from manufacturers and sells them to retailers (low price, but selling big quantity)
  • Retailer (purchase from a manufacturer or a wholesaler and sell them to consumers in small quantities to get high profit each piece)
    Department stores (good prices, but limited selection/quality)
    Menswear chains (provide wider selection and better in-house service/fitting)
    Independent boutiques (unique selections; provide better service and quality)
    Online stores (selling the shirts online, and send the goods to customers by currier )

So gentlemen, there you have it! We covered a lot in this article. Follow us – We will help you develop and win more market share on your side.

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